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Times of revolution have always been fertile ground for new ideas and approaches to filmmaking. With that in mind, film scholar and practitioner Alisa Lebow went to Egypt in the aftermath of the 2011 revolution to talk to filmmakers about the way in which their practices may have changed as a result of their participation in these events. Interviewing over thirty filmmakers, artists, activists, and historians, this project creates a platform to think alongside the people making films in the thick of the unrest and afterwards.

The interviews are curated into clusters of detailed conversations, grouped around themes, people, and projects. Readers follow these multi-vocal exchanges to hear a range of views about everything from filming on the front lines to organizing an independent filmmakers syndicate, or telling one’s personal story in the midst of such a historic moment. The project touches on questions of form, the relationship between documentary, journalism, art, and activism, as well as questions of historiography, propaganda, and much more. Each filmmaker and every associated theme is introduced with a headnote to facilitate engagement with this rich and unique media-driven investigation.

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Alisa Lebow is Professor of Screen Media at the University of Sussex.
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